5 Ways Maintenance Plans Benefit Your Home

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Maintaining your heating and cooling system is vital to the health of your home and equipment. When it comes to the comfort of your home, you deserve peace of mind that your system is providing you the best result while also operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Regular maintenance from professional technicians can help:

At Bears Home Solutions, we offer customers our Bear Care maintenance program. This membership-based program provides high-quality preventative maintenance care to protect your home’s heating and cooling systems. Bear Care makes equipment maintenance easy and affordable, while also offering you great perks.

Benefits of Bear Care Maintenance
Clean furnace filter.

Increase System Efficiency

Regular preventative maintenance on your furnace and air conditioner gives your professional technician a chance to help make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. Issues like dirty condenser coils or clogged filters make your system work harder in order to keep the air as cool or warm as you’d like. Routine inspections help to resolve problems to keep your units running as efficiently as possible.

Lower Energy Costs

When your system is running at maximum efficiency, it doesn’t have to expend unnecessary energy in order to keep your home at a desired comfort level. This helps keep your energy usage down, and operational costs to a minimum.

Extend Equipment Life

How long your equipment lasts depends on the amount of maintenance it receives. We highly recommend having your equipment serviced twice a year – once in the spring or summer and again in the fall or winter. You want to have both furnace and air conditioners inspected at both appointments, in order to ensure that one is ready to take on the upcoming season and the other is still in working condition after the last season.

For example, scheduling a preventative maintenance appointment in September is an excellent time to winterize your AC after it’s worked hard to keep you cool in the summer, and also inspect your furnace after it’s been estivating all summer. This will help ensure that your AC is ready for its annual hibernation and your furnace is ready to keep you warm all winter.

Technician servicing a cooling unit.
Clean furnace filter.

Help Prevent Breakdowns

Routine maintenance appointments reduce your risk of unexpected breakdowns. If your trusted heating and cooling technician has a chance to inspect your equipment on a regular basis, they are much more likely to catch potential issues before they turn into bigger problems.

Keep Home Safe

On top of avoiding breakdowns in times of extreme heat or cold temperatures, preventative maintenance can also help your mechanical professional detect potentially hazardous problems. Issues like cracked heat exchangers and blocked ventilation can run the risk of gas leaks and fire hazards in your home.

What You Get With Bear Care

In addition to these benefits maintenance appointments can offer you, our Bear Care program puts your heating and cooling needs first year-round and allows you to enjoy these great bonuses:

Benefits of Bear Care Maintenance

Don’t wait until your system is bearly hanging on – join Bear Care today to keep your equipment running for years to come. To learn more, visit our Bear Care page or contact our team of friendly comfort specialists today.