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The health and safety of your home starts with clean air. Whether you’re looking to eliminate viruses and bacteria with UVC systems, remove airborne particles with air cleaners, or maximize circulation with air exchangers, trust our pros to keep you breathing easy.

We Know All About Air Quality

Our knowledgeable professionals understand the importance of indoor air quality and what it means for the safety and health of your family, and the optimal operation of your equipment. With over 30 years of experience, you can rest assured our team has what it takes to keep your home safe and breathing better.

What is indoor air quality?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the condition of air within your home. People spend about 90% of their time indoors, where pollutants can be 2-5 times higher than outdoors. This is because our indoor air is constantly re-circulated – excellent for energy efficiency, not as great for our health over time.

The sources of indoor pollution range from viruses, bacteria and mold to dust, dander and dirt, all of which can be in the air you breathe. If these are not removed from your air, they can have adverse effects on your health – and your home’s heating and cooling equipment.

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Breathe Easier with Savings

The commitment to improve your indoor air quality is a huge step towards a healthier home. We’re here to make that process as easy and affordable for you as possible.

Our service technicians and Comfort Advisors help you every step of the way by listening to your concerns and needs, then providing high-quality, long-term solutions that solve them – all with a free in-home estimate and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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SolaceAir Products to Improve Air Quality

Our team is proud to be an authorized SolaceAir professional, offering you exceptional products for optimal indoor air quality. At Bears Home Solutions, our first priority is the safety and comfort of your home and family – let us help you find the solutions that work best with your home to help you achieve cleaner air and a safer home.

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Indoor Air Quality Products

Whether your focus is to kill germs and infectious agents, remove chemical gases and odors, or trap allergens, our products will help you achieve it.

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High-Efficiency Air Cleaners

Trap even the smallest airborne particles and pathogens like dust, dirt, smoke, hair and pet dander and remove them from your air space with our air cleaners. Safe to operate and easy to maintain, our air cleaners use electronic polarized-media technology for maximum cleaning capability and install into existing filter tracks, allowing us to turn your home’s heating and cooling equipment into a whole-home air cleaning system without costly ductwork modifications.

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Germicidal UVC Lamps

Kill viruses, bacteria, molds, pollen, dust mites and other pathogens while sterilizing your indoor air with our germicidal UVC lamp. Using a high-output germicidal lamp, this piece of equipment uses powerful ultraviolet C (UVC) rays to stop the reproduction of living viruses, bacteria and other organisms by disrupting their DNA, and mounts to the ductwork in your home heating and cooling system for whole-home efficiency.

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Oxidizing UVC Systems

Used in conjunction with the germicidal UVC lamp, our oxidizing UVC system is a dual wavelength system that uses both UVC and UVV rays to control gases in addition to germs. The addition of the adjustable UVV lamp chamber allows this powerful equipment to produce a photochemical reaction that controls gases and odors in the home, as well as killing and sterilizing germs.

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Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Improve your indoor air quality with our whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Ideal humidity levels for your home are between 35-45%. However, with the extreme temperature changes through the seasons in our Red River Valley area, we often experience dryness in the winter and excessive moisture in the summer. Our humidifiers and dehumidifiers work to regulate the moisture in your home’s air so that you experience ideal humidity year-round.

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Air Exchangers

Renew the air in your home with the help of air exchangers. Most homes are built to be airtight in order to optimize the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment, but this can also lead to diminished indoor air quality as the air you breathe is continuously recirculated. Air exchangers improve your indoor air quality by replacing stale air with fresh air through a ventilation system, so you get a constant flow of fresh air.

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Very impressed.

Blaine was so friendly and knowledgeable and very willing to explain things…and left my house very clean, considering he was cutting holes in my ceiling and walls. Very impressed with Blaine and Bears. Highly recommend!

– Hannah B.
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Professional and respectful.

Preston is a well-qualified technician and knows his business. He is quite professional and respectful to the clients. I highly recommend Bears services.

– Ashok B.
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