6 Tips for Spring & Summer AC Maintenance in the Midwest

HVAC service technician air conditioner maintenance.

As we shake off the winter blues and enjoy warmer temperatures outside, we know the start of the air conditioner season is near. Before your AC has to kick into high gear, make sure your equipment is prepared for the spring and summer months with these tips for maintenance success.

1 – Change Your Filter

Dust and debris that accumulates in your air conditioner and filter can make your unit work harder that it should in order to keep your home cool. This overworking of your AC can cause potential operational issues, including:

  • Wasted energy
  • Increased utility costs
  • Blocked airflow
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Decreased system lifespan
Dirty and clean air filters.

Changing your filter regularly can help prevent these issues and keep your air conditioner running efficiently for as long as possible. How often should you change your filter? Anywhere from approximately 1 to 3 months, depending on your household. Homes with multiple pets or anyone with allergies would benefit from changing filters on a monthly basis.

Condenser cover.

2 – Get A Condenser Guard

In our Midwest region of Minnesota and North Dakota, a common issue we see with air conditioners in the spring and summer months is cottonwood seeds. Debris like this and grass clippings can wreak havoc on your AC system and its condenser fins, causing problematic clogging.

Avoid decreased airflow, depleted energy-efficiency and higher operational costs by protecting your unit with a condenser guard. These help to reduce potential causes of blockage from entering your air conditioning unit. Contact us to learn more and have yours installed.

3 – Check Thermostat Settings

Make sure your thermostat is pre-programmed to an energy-efficient setting. This helps to maintain the comfort of your home throughout the day while focusing on decreasing wasted energy.

For example, you may want to have your air conditioner working harder to keep the house cooler when you’re home in the morning and evening, but kept a little warmer throughout the day to lower your use of energy.

Don’t have a programmable thermostat? Talk to our team of comfort experts to learn more about your options and how to best improve the comfort of your home.

Programmable thermostat.
HVAC Service Technician.

4 – Don’t Delay Your Maintenance Appointments

Routine preventative maintenance for your heating and cooling systems is vital to the healthy operation and lifespan of your equipment.

Benefits of maintenance include:

  • Decrease energy bills
  • Keep warranties valid
  • Reduce wasted energy
  • Prevent unexpected breakdowns
  • Increase home resale value
  • Ensure safety of your home
  • Keep equipment running at peak efficiency
  • Help your system live longer

The earlier you schedule your professional maintenance appointment in the spring the better – as the temperatures rise and we get further into summer, schedules begin to quickly fill up with repair and replacement appointments.

5 – Inspect Ductwork For Leaks

 The efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioner can be undermined by pesky leaks in your ductwork, forcing your equipment to work much harder to keep up with the desired temperature in your home due to wasted airflow.

Additionally, leaks of this nature can also cause potential issues in your home’s indoor air quality by pulling mold, dust and other pollutants into your system.

Luckily you can take measures to reduce leakage by up to 90% and energy consumption by up to 30%, greatly increasing the power, operation and life of your equipment. Call on an expert to inspect the ductwork in your home and find a sealing solution that works for you.

Aeroseal duct sealing inspection.
Customer and HVAC service technician.

6 – Sign Up For A Maintenance Program

Maintenance programs take the guesswork out of equipment upkeep. At Bears Home Solutions, our Bear Care Maintenance Program makes service appointments easy and offers great perks.

The Bear Care Maintenance Program includes:

  • Annual air conditioning maintenance
  • Annual furnace maintenance
  • Discounted diagnostic fees
  • First-priority emergency services year-round
  • 15% discount on all repairs
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

To learn more about Bear Care, general maintenance or any of your other air conditioning questions, get in touch with our friendly team of professionals at Bears Home Solutions.

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