3 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Gas Fireplace for Your Home

As temperatures fall along with the leaves, soon it will be time to tune up our central heating systems and settle indoors with hot cocoa, wool socks, and thick sweaters – preferably in front of a warm fire. If your dream winter escape includes a cozy fireplace in your home, Bears Home Solutions can make it a reality with our complete gas fireplace installation and maintenance services.

Whether you are constructing a new home, making renovations, or thinking of switching your woodburning fireplace to a gas insert, our Comfort Advisors work with you to find the best gas fireplace for your style, home, and budget.

Keep reading to learn three factors to consider before installing a gas fireplace in your home and how Bears Home Solutions can be your one-stop shop for gas fireplace installation.


Gas fireplaces are all about location, location, location. With so many options to choose from, it’s possible to find the right gas fireplace for any room in your home – living room, bedroom, kitchen, outdoor patio – as long as there is enough space for the fireplace to operate safely and efficiently. During the initial consultation, our Comfort Advisors will measure the square footage of your desired location to determine the best fireplace model for your space.


In addition to providing physical warmth, fireplaces also warm up the aesthetic of your home and cultivate a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you have a certain look in mind or want to explore your options, our team is here to help throughout the customization process.

Our selection from Kozy Heat offers hundreds of gas fireplace styles with a variety of decorative overlays, refractory designs, screen fronts, media sets, and other accessories to meet your aesthetic goals.

Heat Output

Gas fireplaces are certainly visually appealing, but fireplaces ultimately provide another heat source in your home in addition to your central heating system. Compared to traditional woodburning fireplaces, gas fireplaces are safer to operate, easier to maintain, and better for the environment. They also give homeowners the ability to control heat output, flame height, fan speed, and lighting through intermittent pilot ignition (IPI) technology. Some models can even redirect heat to other areas of your home to keep your family cozy all winter long.

To learn more about our gas fireplace selection, installation services, and financing options, contact your local Bears Home Solutions today!

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