5 Helpful Ways Air Handlers Improve Performance of Your AC

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During the hot and sticky days of summer, your home’s cooling system is essential to beat the heat. However, there’s one product we install at Bears Home Solutions that can take operation of your home’s air conditioner to the next level: variable-speed air handlers.

Many people think an air handler is a type of cooling equipment. However, this is an indoor product that works together with your home’s outdoor AC unit to facilitate the cooling process, especially for homes with split systems. As the name suggests, air handlers “handle” the air by using a blower fan to increase airflow and circulation throughout your home.

Keep reading to learn five ways variable-speed air handlers can help improve the performance of your cooling system.

5 Benefits of Variable-Speed Air Handlers

Consistent Comfort

Compared to single-speed or two-speed models, variable-speed air handlers are best for maintaining consistent temperatures. This is because the fan operates at a lower speed and for a longer period, keeping your family cool and comfortable according to your preferences – even on the hottest day of the year.

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Increased Energy Efficiency

When your AC is on, variable-speed air handlers are running non-stop to properly circulate the newly-cooled air throughout your home. While this may seem wasteful, continuous operation of your air handler increases energy-efficiency of your cooling system because the air handler is not using energy to turn on and off.

Think of it like gas mileage in a car: vehicles get better gas mileage on the highway than in town because the driver is not using gas to constantly slow down or stop the car. The same concept applies to variable-speed air handlers, making them an energy-efficient option to improve your air conditioner’s performance.

Quiet Operation

Homeowners may hear their air handler when it turns on and off, but because it runs longer than other models, they are inherently quiet. In addition to being comfortable, your family will also enjoy an environment free of clanging and other equipment noises.

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Better Humidity Control

Balanced moisture levels in your home are another perk of incorporating a variable-speed air handler into your cooling system. Because the primary function of air handlers is to regulate airflow, this helps maintain proper humidity levels in every area of your home. Additionally, air handlers have built-in air filters that help remove airborne dust, allergens, and other pollutants from your air supply, which improves your overall indoor air quality.

Increases AC Lifespan

Lastly, variable-speed air handlers help your air conditioner last longer because they cycle on and off less often, reducing the likelihood of equipment malfunction. Regular maintenance of your whole cooling system – including your air handler – by a professional service technician will also help prevent breakdowns while reducing wear and tear on your equipment.

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To learn more about variable-speed air handlers or to see if this equipment is a good fit for your home, contact our experts at Bears Home Solutions today!

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