Home How-To: Increase System Efficiency to Save on Utility Costs

Aeroseal technician inspecting ducts.

Leaky air ducts can compromise your home’s comfort, create air quality issues, waste energy and drive up the cost of your utility bills from the lack of energy efficiency. Luckily there is an effective and affordable solution that seals your ducts from the inside out to correct this problem: Aeroseal.

Did you know the average home loses 25-40% of heated and cooled air to leaky ducts?
What is Aeroseal?

As a certified Aeroseal contractor, this is a service we offer; we find and plug all cracks and leaks in your air vent and duct system with a safe, non-toxic sealant.

Aeroseal can reduce duct leakage by up to 90%.

The results speak for themselves:

Healthier air.

Cracks in your ducts not only leak air, which causes comfort issues; it also pulls in dust, debris and allergens which end up being distributed to the rooms in your home. Sealing your ducts will fix this to drastically improve your indoor air quality so your family can breathe safer, easier.

Reliable comfort.

Ever feel like your bedroom is stifling, your living room is freezing and there is no balance in temperature throughout the house? Conditioned air escapes through duct cracks and holes, resulting in poor airflow and uneven temperatures. Aeroseal will solve this problem to deliver consistent comfort to every room and more easily control humidity levels in your home.


Aeroseal technology will deliver improved airflow and decrease wasted energy by up to 30%. Rest easy knowing your home is more energy-efficient, saving you on utilities and decreasing your impact on the environment.

Improved system performance.

When your ducts are leaking air, your heating and cooling systems are working double time to try and attain the desired comfort level, causing them to work harder than they should, which can result in burnout and decreased lifespan. With Aeroseal, you’ll get the most out of your system with optimal performance and overall longer life.

Cost savings.

As your system works at prime energy-efficiency for longer, you will see cost savings in your monthly utility bills and help the investment in your home heating and cooling system last as long as possible.

Fast, safe, simple.

Using safe materials that are also found in baby pacifiers and chewing gum, this innovative service is a non-invasive, fast way to solve your duct leak problems. Plus, the whole process takes our technician just a few hours, including minimal to no clean-up, so we’re in and out as fast as possible.

Is Aeroseal right for you?

To learn more about Aeroseal and whether it’s right for your home, watch this informative video. If you’re ready to get started saving money, increasing your system efficiency and improving your indoor air quality, request an appointment with our certified Aeroseal technician today!