4 Ways to Fix Simple HVAC Issues in Your Home

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As a homeowner, you want to do everything you can to keep your home comfortable year-round. That means having a heating and cooling system you can count on when temperatures rise or fall. But what do you do when your HVAC system isn’t working the way it should? In this blog post, we’ll offer some troubleshooting tips that every homeowner should know.

HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

Check Your Thermostat Settings

The first thing you should do if your HVAC system isn’t working properly is to check your thermostat batteries and settings. Replace your batteries if needed, and make sure that the thermostat is set to “heat” or “cool” as appropriate. If your thermostat is on the “auto” setting, it may be switching between heat and cool mode too frequently, which can cause both modes to stop working properly.

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Change Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter is another common issue that wreaks havoc on your system. Most homeowners forget to change their air filters on a regular basis, causing their systems to work overtime when circulating air throughout your home. This not only decreases the efficiency of your system, but it can also lead to future breakdowns and other issues. To avoid this, be sure to change your air filters every few months (or more often if you own a pet).

Inspect Your Ductwork

Another common cause of decreased HVAC efficiency is leaky or damaged ductwork. Over time, your ducts can become disconnected or weakened, allowing conditioned air to escape before it reaches your living space. To check for leaks, hold a piece of tissue up to each vent in your home; be sure the fan is not running at the time. If the tissue flutters, you likely have a leak that needs to be repaired or sealed. You can also inspect your ductwork visually for any signs of cracks or holes. If you notice any damage, it’s best to call in a professional for repairs.

Clear Away Debris

If you have an outdoor cooling unit, it’s important to clear away any debris accumulated around it. Grass clippings, leaves, twigs — all these things can prevent your unit from operating properly by blocking vital airflow. When your air conditioner is in use, leave a two-foot radius around your unit so that it has plenty of room to “breathe.” In the winter, keep your furnace vents and gas meters clear of snow and ice.

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Professionals You Can Trust

Tried everything you can think of to troubleshoot an issue with your heating and cooling system, but still experiencing problems? Our team at Bears Home Solutions is here to help! We have expert knowledge about heating and cooling equipment of all makes and models. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance appointment!

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